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he area of workshop is over 20,000 m2,it divides into metal board flat workshop, fuel tank workshop and automobile backboard workshop, oil amount sensor workshop , fuel tank lock cover workshop , mould processing workshop , spray paint workshop, electroplate workshop ,etc.The equipments of workshop have 1 double-drive oil compressor of 1030 ton,1 double-drive oil compressor of 800 ton, 2 double-drive oil compressor of 650 ton, 2 double-drive oil compressor of 630 ton, 1 wide surface oil compressor of 315 ton,1 pressure machine of 400 ton,2 pressure machine of 250 ton, dozens of punch of 5-100 ton,2 automobile special using rolling mills,1 high frequency welding machine of 100KW ,over 10 of 75KW --150KW welder, 5 welding machine of aluminium alloy stainless steel fuel tank , 1 metal rolls board flat line, 1 numerical control plasma cutting machine, 1 machining center, 1 three coordinate measuring apparatus .

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